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My new self titled album is rolling out to every digital retailer right now! This is a very exciting event for me. I've been working on this CD throughout the winter of 2016 - 2017. I can't even begin to calculate the hours and hours I spent writing, recording tracks, mixing, editing and mastering. In upcoming blogs I'm going to write about the songwriting process I go through and talk about the songs in this project. 

One track that I am particularly proud of is "Another Mans Arms", which is very bluesy. I wrote a version of this song years ago and even recorded it, but I was never really happy with how it turned out. It was always there, on the back burner, waiting to be re-tooled. 

Re-writing is a quality of mature song/writing. So, I wanted a song with a blues influence on this CD. I started to re-write the song and out it came! I'm super pleased with the results.

This song is a canvas for my playing lead guitar, I'm heavily blues influenced in my playing, and I'm real pleased how the whole recording came out. 

Time to share it with the world! The video for this song has been shot and is in the process of being edited for release, so you will see it soon in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned to future blogs where I will write about all aspects of my business, writing, recording, producing, marketing with social media, producing music videos and more.

New Music from Gregory Evans

New tracks, new website, distribution to every digital outlet! The newly completed CD is here! New video for "My Heart Has a Mind of It's Own" is released on social media and is playing all around the world, with new videos in the works!

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My Heart Has a Mind of It's Own Video